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The flexibility Andytruc offers, allows for tailor made maintenance agreements to suit the most exacting of customer requirements.

Our contract hire customers benefit from written guarantees of equipment performance and Service Department turnaround and our first time fix rate is key to ensuring these guarantees are met. 

Our extensive truck stock holding at our Heathrow site allows Andytruc the feature to offer casual hire equipment at the drop of a hat. In the event that a customer owned machine should suffer a major breakdown the customer has the satisfaction of knowing that it will not be long before they can recommence their operation. We are sure you will agree this is a major benefit in itself.

Whatever your requirement, Andytruc can offer a full range of options to enable you to make the best decision to suit your company's finances and requirements. Whether you, buy, lease or hire, you have the confidence in knowing that the deal will be the most competitive available. 

Further details together with some of the features and benefits of each choice can be found below.

Contract Hire

Lease Purchase

Finance Lease

What do you get for your money?  -"Supplier Checksheet"

Contract Hire 

Contract Hire is an Operating Lease with the additional benefit of a maintenance and service contract included within the rental.

Because title of the truck does not pass to your company, you have all the benefits of use without the risks associated with ownership. This means you can run modern, more productive trucks with regular replacement cycles but without the worries associated with obsolescence and disposal.

You can ensure maximum effectiveness in fleet and full compliance with safety regulations, whilst keeping costs to a minimum and enhancing your cash flow.

It takes away fleet management responsibility, reduces administration time and costs while offering a prime route to simplifying accountancy.

Features and Benefits: 



  • Rentals based upon use, not capital cost.


  • Often the most cost efficient option.


  • Rentals are allowable against tax.


  • Tax liability is reduced.


  • Known rentals aid budget forecasting.


  • Provides certainty for cashflow planning.


  • Maintenance inclusive rentals, eliminate fleet management worries.


  • Administration costs reduced.


  • Off balance sheet funding.


  • Improves financial ratios.


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Lease Purchase

Lease purchase which is a form of hire purchase, provides ultimate ownership of the forklift truck.  It gives similar tax benefits to cash purchase, but spreads the cost with the payments fixed at the outset.  As with all products the period or repayment profiles can be tailored to meet specific needs.  In addition with a lease purchase agreement the interest can be offset against taxable income.  At the end of the agreement ownership of the forklift truck is obtained. 

Features and Benefits:



  • On balance sheet funding with immediate implied ownership.


  • Customer can claim the appropriate allowances, upon delivery of the equipment.


  • Fixed Term.


  • Period of agreement is negotiable.


  • Choice of fixed or variable funding.


  • Facilities provide either certainty of instalment or the opportunity to benefit from base rate changes, dependent on your preference.


  • Negotiable deposit.


  • Offers maximum flexibility.


  • Agreement is secured on the asset being financed.


  • Limits the need for additional security, therefore enabling other assets to be utilised elsewhere in the business.


  • Full ownership at the end of the term on payment of a "nominal" option to purchase fee.


  • You become the owner of the equipment and can retain 100% of any future net sales proceeds.


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Finance Lease

Exceptionally an on balance-sheet facility may be required without any fixed maintenance obligation.  This is a hire agreement where the rentals in the primary period cover the whole of the capital outlay of your truck.  At the end of the primary period, the lease enters a secondary period whereby the agreement may be continued subject to a nominal annual rental or the truck can be sold to a third party - in which case the majority of the sales proceeds are rebated.

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